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Email Marketing / May 19, 2017

Should you use Emojis in Email Subject Lines?

There is a new craze in Email Marketing: using of Emojis in Email Subject Lines. Kenscio brings to you a WHITEPAPER elaborating this trend and the best practices that you can adopt for winning Email Marketing Campaigns with Emojis.

Email Marketing / Dec 05, 2016

Email Throttling and Strategies to Combat it

Has this ever happened to you before? You send a handful of emails, and you check your email statistics some time later only to find that a number of mails have been deferred. Are you wondering why this happens and how to fix this? Read on.

Social Media / June 08, 2016

Build an effective social marketing strategy

Social Media is big and only getting bigger. If you are not marketing on it, you are likely missing a large chunk of your target audiences.

Real Time Personalisation / Nov 16, 2015

The Rise of Real-Time Personalization with Customer Big Data for modern Email Marketing

To what extent can we personalize the emails in real-time? How to improve customer experience through Big Data? What can be done to gain more visibility for the emails? When is the best time to send emails? How frequently can we send emails to customers? How to optimize customer segmentation to improve engagement with the customers?

Real Time Personalisation / June 02, 2014

Social Proof Marketing

Key areas that now need the marketers attention is helping the subscriber to make a straight forward decision to click and get to the main proposition page or, the action area.

Market Research Publications / March 31, 2014

Digital Marketing Report 2013

A Comprehensive Compilation of Thought-provoking and Action oriented Insights for Digital Marketers

Analytics & Big Data / Feb 25, 2014

How to Increase Product Sales Revenue through Analytical inputs

This whitepaper explains a few analytical methodologies that can help a marketer in taking appropriate actions to generate more profitable business from existing customers.

Data-driven Marketing / Feb 16, 2014

Data driven understanding of customer preference and their behaviour

This whitepaper establishes a framework of how to increase conversion rate by developing efficient and sharply targeted communication strategy.

Analytics / Jan 22, 2014

How to convert one-time buyers to repeat buyers?

This whitepaper explains a few analytical methodologies that can help a marketer in taking appropriate actions to generate more profitable business from existing customers.

Acquisition Strategy / Jan 10, 2014

Acquisition through a set of business intelligence process

This whitepaper sets out a framework for a direct marketing approach that can lead to new customer acquisition through a set of business intelligence process.

Email Marketing / Nov 06, 2012

Christmas and New Year 2013

Are you ready to get most out of the festive season?

CAsE Studies

BFSI | Insurance / Feb 10, 2015

(Award Winning Campaign) Applying Real-time Email Content for Live Action (International ECHO 2016-DMA Winning Campaign)

Online Ticketing / Dec 15, 2014

(Award Winning Campaign)The new art of Email Story telling for better conversion (Best Email Marketing Campaign of the year-IAMAI)

BFSI | Insurance / Aug 20, 2016

Driving Customer Enagagement and increasing conversion rate through Email Marketing

Online Lifestyle | Ecommerce / Aug 16, 2016

Real time personalisation of email marketing for online lifestyle company

Online Travels & Tourism / Aug 10, 2016

Real time Personalization for an Online Travel Company

Online Travel / July 25, 2016

Multi-channel Marketing Intelligence Solution for Online Travel brand

Online Lifestyle | Ecommerce / Apr 20, 2016

Customer lifecyle management-online lifestyle and accessories retailers

B2B Companies / Apr 20, 2016

Towards Succesful Business Transformation

Media | Sports Channel / Dec 13, 2015

Real Time Personalisation for a Sports Channel

Online Sales Festival | GOSF / Dec 13, 2015

Setting off customers' purchase in GOSF through Dynamic Content Personalization

Electronics / Information Technology / Nov 10, 2015

How Precise approach makes you reach better?

Loyalty Programs / Sep 07, 2015

How Kenscio delivered a custom integration to meet complex requirements of one of India's popular loyalty brand

Online Books / Magazine Subscription portal / Feb 10, 2015

How to drive awareness and increase subscription for a popular magazine for a publishing company?

Online Wine Sellers / July 24, 2014

Online wine retailer company making more sales so effective email marketing

Online Travels / Feb 10, 2014

Customer Scoring: Segmented contribution towards total revenue

Online Daily Deals / Dec 28, 2013

Why Time Deal doesn't need to create 250 mailers every month?

Loyalty Solutions / Oct 29, 2013

Integrated Web Hosting

E-commerce / Oct 19, 2013

Product Category and Behaviour based Targeting

Job Portal / Sep 29, 2013

360 degree fully automated marketing automation

Large India Retailer / Sep 29, 2013

Subscription Preference Management for large Indian retailers


Banking / May 19, 2016

Axis Direct Campaign - Real Time Personalisation

Entertainment / Jan 15, 2015

Book My Show: Client Testimonial - Real Time

Product / Aug 4, 2014

Real Time Personalisation (RTP) for Real-time

Product / Mar 2, 2014

Multi-Channel Marketing Intelligence Solution (McMIS)

Product / Mar 2, 2014

Real Time Personalisation (RTP)

Marketing / Feb 17, 2014

Digital Direct Marketing without Insights and Actions