Putting Grey Matter into your strategy

Analyse, enhance, and evolve your marketing efforts.

Putting Grey Matter into your strategy

Analyse, enhance, and evolve your marketing efforts.

Business Intelligence and analytics

Get benefits of powerful segmentation engine, behavioural understanding of customers (based on purchase history, preference etc.) and application of various analytical models such as Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value), Cohort Analysis, and Predictive Analysis to garner the real power of Big Data.

Campaign Analytics

Visual reporting, to help identify the best performing message layout.

Domain based reporting, to classify subscribers based on email domain and identify domain wise performance of your email campaigns.

Automatic generation, scheduling, and sending of reports.

Target group analysis, to assess how a specific group performed based on age, gender, location etc.

Flexible categorisation of links, messages, and recipients. and build recipient affinity to different message and link categories.

Data Analytics

Automatically track behaviour to gauge subscriber’s interests.

Use historical data to effectively manage life cycle of every subscriber.

Combine demographic, psychographic, past email behaviour, purchase history to engage with your subscribers with extremely targeted and relevant email communication.

Use categorisation to compare the relative success of message content, individualised paragraphs, and message links.

Kenscio Advantage

A fully dedicated erudite Data Scientists’ team to offer the finest analytical solutions.

Efficient Segmentation engine to breakdown big data to meaningful information.

In-house Automation and Integration capability to synchronize with different database and CRM systems for collecting data.

In-house Database Management System for storing, securing and accessing data whenever needed.

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