SMTP Services

For Robust, Flexible &
Highly-scalable Email Delivery

SMTP Services

For Robust, Flexible &
Highly-scalable Email Delivery


IP Management

Dedicated IP pools with automatic and
managed warm up of dedicated IPs

Bulk Email Sending

Responsive & reusable email templates
geared for scalable usage

Reputation Management

Domain customization to improve reputation.
Dashboard view & tracking of open, click, bounce
rates, complaints & subscriber engagement

Campaign insights

Gauging real-time email campaign
performance with actionable analytics


Improved Inbox Deliverability

With the on-going CAN-SPAM act and stringent GDPR guidelines, reaching customers’ INBOX is even more challenging now-a-days. However, our SMTP services ensure improved email delivery by managing sender reputation, actively filtering spam and malicious content.

Email Deliverability Monitoring

We enable businesses gauge their email campaign performance in real-time with unprecedented email deliverability intelligence – email open rate, read rate, delete w/o being read rate & the subscriber engagement level.

Personalized Content For Better Engagement

With the narrowing attention span of customers, the competition for captivating their attention is scaling up immensely. Cutting through the noise and keeping the marketing emails stand out in the INBOX still remains a challenge. However, our SMTP solutions enable businesses to build email templates that have replacement tags for content personalization. With this innovative solution, customers will receive highly-personalized messages that they are more likely to engage with.

Support Services

With Unmatched data footprint – sending 37% of the world's business email, we strive to enable businesses achieve excellence in their email marketing campaigns. Along with robust email APIs and integration capabilities, we provide a full range of support and services for end to end email marketing and automation.

A String of Global Clientele

Leverage our best-in-class SMTP solutions to improve
email deliverability & boost ROI

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